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Un-Filtered Gourmet Yellow Sweet Clover Honey and Comb

We offer high-quality, natural honey. Let its rich flavor speak for itself.

Natural means that we endeavor to keep the honey in the state it was when the bees put it in the honeycomb. Our goal is to transfer the honey from the honeycomb cells to the jar, without altering it, and then preserve its freshly harvested character, for as long as we can. The honey is gravity-strained through cheesecloth, to remove wax chunks, while allowing the pollen, fine wax and other particles to pass. This preserves the components of the honey's rich flavor. We work at hive temperatures, and do not cook (pasteurize), to prevent thermally altering the honey. Finally, we store the honey cold, to slow the evaporation of it's natural flowery fragrance.

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