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Delicious Yellow Sweet Clover Honey and Comb
General Information

Natural honey crystallizes. It does not mean it's old, and does not damage the honey. It's normal, and delicious! When natural honey is re-liquified, it will still have more flavor than filtered, pasteurized honey harvested from the same hive at the same time.

Huseby Apiaries, LLC sells natural, raw honey to provide consumers with a source of this richness of flavor. Many of our customers are delightfully surprised at "how honey can taste".

Honey Care Tips
Storage Keep it sealed, and keep it cool

Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs, thousands of years old, that is still suitable for eating, illustrating that honey keeps at room temperature. (Read Smithsonian Article) It also undergoes natural changes overtime. Flower fragrance evaporates, and sugars change.

It is not necessary to refrigerate raw honey, but, if you would like to maintain any honey's freshly-harvested character, for as long as possible, store it below 59 degrees Farenheit. This will slow the aging process, and loss of fragrance. Storing it in a freezer will also slow the crystallization process.

Reliquification If your honey has crystallized, leave it as such until you need it. When you are ready to re liquify, use a spoon, or other means, to transfer only what you need into another container. Letting the balance remain crystallized will preserve its natural character longer. If stored in a freezer, the honey will be like taffy. Care and patience, and a strong spoon, can get enough honey out for small needs. Otherwise, let the container warm for awhile.

Crystallized honey can be reliquified by heating it gently, around 95 degrees Farenheit. There is some debate as to what the maximum temperature should be, to prevent thermal alteration. The higher the temperature, the faster the reliquification.

We recommend staying below 105 degrees F. A ceiling temperature to mind is 110 F. This is not easy to do on a stove top, and ovens do not typically control that low, or that well, so take care.

To reliquify honey, set it in a pan of hot water, at the desired temperature. Maintain the water's temperature with a manually controlled stove-top burner, or a slow stream of hot water from a kitchen faucet. Leaving it in a warm, sunny location, or hot car is also effective. be aware of the temperature.

Finally, if a microwave is used, hot spots can develop. Stay at or below 30% power (3 on a scale of 1 - 10). Use short bursts of time, such as 20 - 60 seconds, depending on the quantity of honey, and stir between each application. Do not let it simmer or boil.

DO NOT microwave plastic honey containers.

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