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Un-Filtered Gourmet Yellow Sweet Clover Honey and Comb
Half a century ago, Gene Huseby caught the swarm that initiated 30 years of beekeeping. It had landed in one of the big Cottonwood trees on their Missouri River-bottom farm in eastern Montana. Initially, he put the swarm in an empty, unstructured box, and let the bees go to work. In the mean time, Gene acquired some books and began to learn about bees. He didn't read long before he quickly transferred the bees to his first Langstroth hive.

Gene was interested in bees long before he caught that swarm. As a child, he occasionally saw beehives along the road, in some areas, and had seen the equipment in the Montgomery Ward catalog. When he talked to people about bees, the consensus had always been that the area was too dry for them. "Not enough flowers!" With his new swarm, he learned, not only could the bees do well, but that the honey was quite good. Gene continued to keep and learn about bees for 30 years, selling delicious, high-quality honey from coast to coast. He retired his equipment around 1992.

Today, his sons have dusted off the equipment, and are keeping bees again, in much the same way has he did. Our bees are not transported across the country to over winter or pollinate large mono-crops. They are kept right here in Montana, on the same foraging ground from which they collected their winter stores. Our honey is handled in ways that preserve it's natural, freshly-harvested character for as long as possible. It is un-cooked, and un-filtered, leaving it in a state as close to the way the bees put it in the comb, as you can get, without eating it straight from the hive.

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